LindeGO remote service

Anytime, anywhere support for your plant

Immediate support via an online live session!

When industrial processes at a large plant come to a halt, solving the problem can stretch the expertise of in-house technicians. When that happens, you need immediate, expert support – ideally from the contractor who built your plant and knows it inside out. If your plant is in a remote location, however, it can take days for the right specialists to get to you. All of which means undesirable delays and loss of earnings. 

Not with LINDE PLANTSERV®! You can rely on us to get to you in a matter of seconds – thanks to the latest digital technologies. 

With our LindeGO smart glasses or smart app, you can immediately establish a live audio-visual link to one of our experts, who can then see your plant live from your perspective, and can talk you through the problem. Your on-site technician can immediately follow the information and instructions over the live audio-visual connection. 

Ruggedized solution

This lightweight, ultra-compact solution is ideal for communicating with online experts while you’re moving around a plant or accessing confined spaces. Industrial climbers, for example, can use it to communicate with support teams while quickly navigating a coldbox. Whether you’re looking at a ruptured pipe or a faulty valve, these smart glasses give remote teams an instant visual on the source of your problem.

  • Ideal for harsh conditions and noisy environments
  • Supports hands-free operation
  • Available in an explosion-proof version (ATEX Zone 1 & Class 1 Division 1 certified)
  • The smart device can be attached to most standard helmets
  • An integrated monocular display enables support teams to share information with the wearer in a format that appears as large as on 7’’ tablet display


Mobile app

Our LindeGO remote service is also available via an easy-to-use app that you can download from the App Store and Google Play.

  • Search for LindeGO in the App Store or Google Play, download the app and install it on your smartphone or tablet
  • Register for the app by requesting your login details via the app contact form or by sending an email to PLANTSERV@LINDE-LE.COM, stating your first and last name, email, user name and company
  • If you need support, send a request to your LINDE PLANTSERV® contact 
  • Your contact will liaise with the right expert(s) and align the timing with you
  • Simply dial into the video session at the agreed time and your Linde expert will provide live support, possibly also using your smartphone camera function to get a real-time view of your plant

The help you need – the way you need it

With LINDE PLANTSERV®, you can look forward to:

  • Fast track return to full operational reliability
  • Instant access to the bundled experience of Linde’s entire remote support team
  • No delays or unnecessary expenses for travel
  • Our experts see your plant “through the eyes” of your technicians
  • Fast, precise and easy-to-follow instructions
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