LNG plant at Hammerfest, Norway


At Linde Engineering, procurement is geared towards high performance, and thanks to our global footprint, we can offer our customers the most competitive prices.

Procurement at Linde Engineering stands for proficiency. Our in-depth experience combined with our extensive global procurement network enable us to provide the highest levels of delivery assurance. With capable and approved sources worldwide, we can always anticipate delivery issues that could arise among our suppliers.

Strategic sourcing is an embedded concept at Linde Engineering. We use leading technologies and leverage a network of highly innovative suppliers to ensure the highest plant quality. We take pride in our professional, service-oriented and highly motivated employees – all of whom are ready to take on challenges with the utmost integrity and dedication.

With expertise in the timely and cost-efficient movement of information and materials, we ensure that our customers receive their goods on time, in the correct quantity, in sound condition and at the best cost. We collaborate with logistics service providers to ensure that we always have a wide range of transport options for the physical movement of cargo.

Our cargo ranges from small packages weighing just one kg to heavy lift pieces weighing over 1,000 metric tons. Each year, we ship thousands of MTs across the globe. We also utilize freight forwarding, packaging, warehousing, stevedoring and surveying partners.