LNG and natural gas processing plants

Linde Engineering offers natural gas plants for a wide range of applications and capacities, helping to meet the world's rising demand for energy.

Natural gas is one of the world’s most important sources of energy. Today approximately 30% of the world's energy demand is derived from natural gas. The majority of natural gas is delivered by pipeline in gaseous form. However, in the past two decades Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) have become much more important in the world's energy market. Natural gas and LNG in particular are expected to play an essential role in the world’s transition to cleaner sources of energy.

Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)

Natural gas typically contains a mixture of methane and heavier hydrocarbon gases, as well as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water and a range of other unwanted components. Unwanted components must be removed, and the heavier hydrocarbons separated prior to liquefying and transporting natural gas. This involves a combination of pure adsorptive or absorptive and cryogenic processes - all of which are part of Linde Engineering's core competencies.

Linde natural gas liquefaction plant, Norway
Linde natural gas liquefaction plant, Norway
LNG plant Melkoya in Hammerfest, Norway. Liquid Natural Gas.
Linde LNG plant in Hammerfest, Norway

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

LNG is natural gas in its liquid form. In order to liquefy natural gas, it must be cooled to cryogenic temperatures of approximately -160°C. As a liquid, natural gas occupies only 1/600 of the volume of natural gas (at atmospheric pressure) in its gaseous form and therefore allows for more economic and practical storage. It is also easer to transport over great distances.
Natural gas is typically transported in liquid form when vast distances, geological conditions or political dynamics do not allow for the construction of pipelines. We have many years of experience in LNG process technologies and provide solutions for all plant capacities.

Full-line supplier

In addition, we supply proprietary heat exchanger equipment, which generally lies at the heart of cryogenic natural gas processing steps. In fact, we are the only equipment manufacturer to offer both coil-wound and plate-fin heat exchangers. Covering the entire LNG value chain, we have the know-how, capacity and technology to design and construct small to mid-scale LNG plants.
We have a long track record of successfully executed engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning natural gas projects on a lump sum, turnkey basis.

Facts & Figures

  • 40 years of experience in the natural gas business
  • Linde offers adsorber process with guaranteed recovery rate of 99.9%
  • <1% concentration of nitrogen in liquid natural gas for storage or transport
  • Global reach 100+ We are represented in over 100 countries worldwide
  • Approximately 30% of the world’s energy needs are met with natural gas
  • Liquefaction and production of high-purity helium >99.999%
  • Extended class of mid-scale LNG plants with 1–2 mtpa liquefaction capacity
Natural Gas plant, Kollsnes, Norway, extraction of liquefied

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