Supplier Qualification

Linde works with suppliers in more than a hundred countries. Alongside commercial aspects such as quality, price and availability, we also take account of other sustainability aspects when selecting suppliers.

Basic information and process flow about supplier qualification

Supplier qualification is carried out according to commodity or material group or service group, and is usually independent of any specific award procedure. A commodity or material group defines a specific range of products or services. A company can be qualified for several commodities, material and/or service groups. 

  • What is the purpose of supplier qualification?

    The initial screening process allows us to confirm that the supplier can meet the specifications for the component or service to be provided and is properly licensed to manufacture the component being considered for purchase, or for the service. 

    We use various tools and measures to select and evaluate our suppliers. These include on-site audits and defined qualification processes for new suppliers, which entail self-assessments on quality, environmental and social issues. We also perform risk assessments to check compliance with standards. 

  • Who needs to qualify?

    All companies wanting to become suppliers for Linde Engineering must be qualified and approved before the placement of a purchase order.  

    Suppliers of Direct Material and Logistics Service Providers (LSP)

    Linde’s approval process is carried out for suppliers and logistics service providers: 

    • that are not yet approved 

    • whose previous approval is more than three years old and with whom no orders have been placed since then 

    • whose approval has been withdrawn and for whom a new evaluation of approval criteria fulfilment is desired 

    • whose product portfolio or manufacturing location has changed since the approval was granted (only the changes need to be examined) 

    Suppliers of Indirect Material:

    Covers goods and services required by LE entities to perform their work activities but which are not directly related to the production of goods and services for the clients. Indirect materials are IT software and hardware, telecommunications, construction services at company facilities, tools and equipment necessary to perform work activities, research and development costs, employee canteen facilities and all other goods and services which are not part of a product or service delivered to clients.  

  • Which types of approvals are possible?

    A supplier can be approved at global, local or project-specific level.  

    A local supplier approval is to be selected if the products are to be used exclusively in local projects and are procured locally, and therefore not exported. 

    Further limitations on a project, a region or a business unit are optional. 

  • How long is a supplier qualification valid?

    The supplier qualification is valid for three years. In the cases of satisfactory order execution, installation and commissioning service, customer service or collaboration, the approval is extended for another three years. 

  • What are the costs of supplier qualification?

    There are no costs for the supplier qualification. 

  • How to start the qualification process?

    There are two ways of starting the qualification process: the supplier can apply directly via our web portal or may receive a link via email from one of our buyers.   

    Instructions for suppliers and the process in Ariba SLP can be found here

  • How does the supplier qualification process work?

    When applying directly via our Web Portal, the applicant will be requested to provide the basic information (name, address, company presentation, among others) and to select the desired material groups for supplier qualification.

    To continue with registration, Linde provides a link asking to provide more information and documentation. Upon completion of the registration and examination by Linde, the applicant will receive one or more links to an approval questionnaire, depending on whether the supplier is applying for one or more material groups.

    This questionnaire must be answered entirely and submitted online, including upload of supporting documentation.

    Linde will then assess the questionnaire(s) and supporting documents and decide if an audit is required or not.

    After final examination of all information, documentation and audit results, if any, Linde will inform the applicant via email.

    Following successful supplier qualification, we will add the supplier to the pool of potential contract partners that may receive inquiries from Linde Engineering.

  • Is an audit required?

    For direct project material, an audit is a standard part of the supplier qualification. 

    If an audit is required, the buyer responsible for your supplier qualification will contact your company to coordinate such appointment as well as the topics to be addressed during the audit.  

    Should there be findings, non-conformities or opportunities for improvement noted during the audit, Linde Engineering expects that suppliers implement corrective actions for the findings prior to final approval.