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Pioneering role in climate protection

Our path to a more sustainable future

Sustainability through Innovative Process Technologies and Services

The best way to protect the climate is to avoid CO₂ emissions in the first place. We offer a rich technology portfolio to help industry achieve this. Extending along the entire value chain, our innovative technologies are actively paving the way to a greener future powered by more sustainable fuels such as hydrogen and even green hydrogen. Our decarbonization offering includes pioneering technologies for harnessing renewable energies, avoiding or reducing CO₂ emissions, and capturing and utilizing carbon emissions. We complement this with decarbonization services and digital innovations. This service offering builds on the unparalleled experience we have gained developing and optimizing gas processing, separation and liquefaction technologies over the past 140 years, building over 4000 plants, operating 1000-plus plants and increasing the efficiency of countless existing assets.

“For decades, Linde has been innovating technologies for carbon management, and we will need even more solutions as we transition towards a more sustainable future. By 2028, our company will invest more than one billion dollars in decarbonization initiatives. Furthermore, we will dedicate at least 30 percent of our R&D budget to sustainability innovations." 

Juergen Nowicki, Executive Vice President Linde plc and CEO Linde Engineering

Linde Hydrogen keyvisual 2019


The range of applications for this environmentally friendly fuel is growing steadily. Our technologies cover the entire hydrogen value chain:

  • Steam Reforming: This is the most important industrial process to produce H2 in large quantities. We are the leading provider of steam reforming plants worldwide. Natural gas is the typical feedstock.
  • Dry Reforming: With our DRYREF™ technology, we offer hydrogen and syngas production with a lower CO2 footprint and very high process efficiency. 
  • ITM Linde Electrolysis: This is a joint venture company between ITM Power and Linde, focused on providing global green gas solutions at industrial scale. 
  • Hydrogen recovery and purification: From small plants to large-scale production, our technologies enable the highest H2 yields with maximum purity.
  • Hydrogen liquefiers: In liquid form, H2 has significantly higher energy density. We offer modern and high-performance liquefaction plants.
  • Hydrogen fueling technologies: With our highly efficient refueling concepts and our decades of experience in H2 solutions, we are paving the way for a far-reaching hydrogen infrastructure.
  • HISELECT®: Powered by Evonik combined with our PSA technologies for 99.9999% H2 purity. H2 can be simply injected into the existing natural gas pipeline and delivered to a wide range of end-point applications. We already offer the separation and purification technologies required downstream to extract hydrogen from the pipeline or natural gas blend.
  • With Linde Ammonia Storage Solutions, our clients can benefit from Linde’s full spectrum solutions covering all required technologies and EPC service elements for the execution of Ammonia production & storage facilities.


With our technologies, we want to make a significant contribution toward eliminating CO2 emissions and supporting the transition toward a more sustainable energy economy.

Our carbon management strategy is based on three pillars: Upstream, in-plant and downstream carbon reduction. Here are just a few examples around these three pillars:

Upstream carbon reduction – Renewable energy utilization

  • FLEXASU® flexible air separation units – suited to both new builds and retrofits – support the transition to more sustainable sources of energy by maximizing the use of renewable power whenever it is abundantly available.

In-plant carbon reduction – Alternative more efficient processes

  • EDHOX™ technology for the oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane offers a high-performance and cost-efficient solution for ethylene production.
  • DRYREF™dry reforming technology for syngas production with a lower CO2 footprint and very high process efficiency.

Downstream carbon reduction - Carbon capture and utilization

  • Doing more with less DRYREF™: Synthesis gas production with integrated CO2 utilization.

Carbon management
Hydrogen and CO2 PSA Unit, air separation unit (ASU), Leuna

Efficiency-enabling and digital services

Our LINDE PLANTSERV® experts also help customers increase their sustainability performance through a number of innovative services. These include concrete measures to increase operational and energy efficiency, increase asset flexibility and lifetime, “smartify” maintenance and accelerate the transition toward renewables.

Asset health checks and energy audit

  • Full asset health checks and energy audits improve insights into overall plant performance and upside energy efficiency potential.
  • Using these insights, we then help to counter the inevitable degradation in performance and efficiency that happens over an asset’s lifetime by optimizing energy efficiency and turn-down operations.

Advanced diagnostics and smart adjustments for greater energy efficiency

  • Various state-of-the-art monitoring and advanced diagnostics tools give early insights into sources of vibration or thermal stress and enable flexible, smart replacement schedules.
  • Concrete measures include limescale treatments of cooling water systems to increase energy efficiency.

Emission-reduction revamps/modernizations and plant relocations

  • We have successfully executed various studies and projects to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions, also reducing flaring/blow-off and reusing flue gas to lower scope 1 emissions.
  • Our relocation service contributes to resource efficiency by repurposing unused equipment. 

Remote training and support

  • Customers can further reduce their carbon footprint (scope 3 emissions) by switching to one of our remote support and training offerings such as the LindeGO or Linde Virtual Academy.

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